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December 27, 2016

One good thing about being a gardener in the winter time is that we get a little break to do some reading. I am really in love with Margaret Roach at the moment. She is a fantastic writer and you can visit her site at A Way to Garden. She is a prolific gardener and her blog is one of the best garden blogs out there. She also has a really good and helpful podcast by the same name. I just finished her book “And I Shall Have Some Peace There,” can’t recommend it highly enough.

The other good thing is that we have a couple months to plan next year’s garden. I’ve ordered some seeds already!! Couldn’t even wait until the new year came around. I typically order from Baker Creed Heirloom Seeds. This year I am planning to branch out a bit after reading a post over at Outlaw Garden. There are a bunch of other great seed companies that I had no idea about – very exciting!

Each year I add at least one new vegetable to the garden and this year, it’ll be leeks, strawberries and parsley. So far. What do you guys have on your garden radar for 2017?


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