May 15, 2017

In today’s Simple Abundance entry, Sarah describes a situation in her life during which she created a container garden that she wanted to be as perfect as the one she was attempting to model from one of those glossy, lifestyle magazines. Try as she might, it just never seemed to be as good. Finally, she said enough is enough, it is beautiful the way it is (paraphrased).

I can so relate to Sarah, especially at this time of the year, when everything outside is usually a mess from the winter. There is so much to clean up and make pretty as the season progresses. I constantly find myself worrying that it will not all get done or look good enough. At some point, I step back and remind myself that it WILL get done and it will look fine.

This spring was slow to get going weather-wise and this is the first weekend I was really able to get out into the garden. I was able to get the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli seedlings in.


Over the next few weeks, the remainder of the seedlings will finally be able to move out and be on their own. The window ledges will free at last!


As for everything else that I’d like to get done around the place, there is always my go-to list. I focus on the ONE next thing to do and try not to worry about the rest. When the one thing is complete, I will move to the next one thing, and so on.

Sarah reminds us that perfection leaves little room for improvement and progress is the simple pleasure to be savored, on a daily basis.

We try to do an annual summer cookout, hosting anywhere from 20 to 30 people. That is a big group and there is much to be done. We are already working on preparations and I am starting to feel that pressure. It occurred to me today that last year, while getting the place in shape for the cookout, I saw the most beautiful butterfly. I would’ve missed that experience if things were already perfect and I hadn’t been doing some cleanup. In fact, that was a perfect moment in itself.

Another perfect moment I would have missed if I hadn’t been working outside today, these beautiful weigela blooms. As I was tidying up the table where they are resting along with some other plants, I saw the tiny blooms. In fact I almost did overlook them. I had to do a double take, when they caught my eye just as I was turning to leave.


Hope you are enjoying spring (or fall, if you are a southern hemisphere friend)!


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    Very nice transplants! 🙂

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