October 15, 2017

Hello dear readers! It is a gray, fall day here. In an attempt to capture some of the gloom, I spent the morning taking some photos and got a few nice ones. I do hope that you enjoy them.


I am thinking this might be the kind of fall where the leaves barely get a chance to change to their magnificent colors. It was so warm late into the season that they will just die and fall off when the cold comes in. Ok, maybe it won’t be that abrupt, but sometimes that type of thing happens.


Other than that, I’ve been working on moving my blog to a self-hosted platform and invite you to follow me there. In fact, I would be delighted if you do! The new platform provides more opportunities for creative freedom with regard to appearance of the blog. If you would like to follow me at the new location, it can be found here: once the transfer takes place. There will be a Subscribe option there. Thank you so much!

I hope that you are enjoying the season!

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