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December 11, 2017

Greetings! It is good to be alive and well. I can appreciate this like never before, coming off of a two week bout of pneumonia that relegated me to bed rest for most of that time. Hopefully never again! Here’s to health and wellness in 2018 and beyond.

We are finally getting the Christmas decorations up and wrapping gifts. Just being able to stand up and do these things seems like a miracle after being ill. Since Thanksgiving is our big holiday to host, and we don’t generally get too much company for Christmas, we keep it pretty simple with the decorations.

Stuffed moose wearing santa hat

The moose always gets to wear his santa hat.

I am starting to wonder if it is just coincidence that I came down with some type of illness during or immediately following two of the past three Thanksgiving times. Could be just coincidence, or it could be that stress has played a large part. Or maybe it is just the season for catching such things.

christmas bells on the fireplace

A little further down on the fireplace.

Here is a great little article from the Huffington Post on staying healthy during the holidays. None of these tips should come as a surprise, but they may be things that we do not always put into practice.

Last year I found 2 of these giant wooden ornaments to hang on the doors. They are at least a foot in diameter. I just love them!

I’ve resolved to spend the remainder of the year in peaceful calm. I’ll travel just a couple times and not very far, to see family. Other than that, I am going to cozy up in my warm home with my little family, listening to carols, baking cookies, enjoying the fireplace and taking care of the critters that are here and about. That sounds just about right. What are your favorite ways to enjoy the season?

A new addition this year.

We’ll probably set just a few more things out and call it a day. Enough for the place to feel festive and easy enough to take down after the new year rolls around.

Do you go all out when it comes to holiday decorating? Does the craziness of the season ever affect your sanity and health? Wishing you a very Happy (& Healthy) Holiday season!

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