seeing clearly

January 1, 2017

A foggy start to the new year. It’s late morning and the fog has not lifted. Good thing I don’t really believe in omens. It does make for some cool photos, though. Are you looking forward to the coming year? As a big fan of fresh starts and goal setting, I love spending time on new years day planning the great things I will do. Or at least hope to do. I have the usual suspects on my list…exercise more, make healthier…

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answered prayers

November 13, 2016

Today in Simple Abundance, Sarah references Oscar Wilde, who believed that there are only two tragedies in life: not getting what you pray for and getting it. She goes on to discuss prayers, with all their inherent uncertainties. Are we praying for the right thing? Why do we always seem to receive a “No”? Could we even handle it if we got a “Yes” instead? When I silently pray for peace, for universal freedom, for forgiveness, can I send out that…

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twists and turns

August 24, 2016

Like most of us, I have worn a number of hats in my life…I’ve flipped burgers (never again!), helped heal many dogs and cats as a vet assistant years ago, and performed laboratory tests to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of AIDS patients. I did a brief stint testing used motor oil and diesel fuel for abnormalities indicative of problems with the heavy equipment they were used in. I’ve cut many a yard of fabric while working part time…

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August 8, 2016

I’ve been reading a book called Body of Work by Pamela Slim this year. While I’ve read it only intermittently, a few pages here and a few pages the week before, and so on, it has been helping me gain a new perspective as I reflect on my life’s work. On page 99, she writes of an interview that Piers Morgan of CNN did with artist LL Cool J in 2012. Piers asked him what we needed to do as a country…

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July 19, 2016

We are preparing to host a rather large gathering of friends and family at our place end of the month. Many preparations are underway. “List” and “task” are daily words in our household. In Simple Abundance today, Sarah speaks of hospitality and everything it seems to entail. She reminds us of how frenzied we can become attempting to create the perfect atmosphere and she offers suggestions for keeping it simple, such as hosting a potluck or keeping the fare minimal, focusing…

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color me peaceful

April 27, 2016

Getting some annuals planted. This year I’d like to keep the brights to a minimum and go for some softer “off” colors or whites and neutrals. Maybe that reflects my frame of mind more than anything else. Striving to cultivate an ever peaceful state of being, these colors work well. This planter is one of the last things I see when I leave home and one of the first when I get back. Will that influence my mental state? I’d…

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things that matter

March 8, 2016

Today in the Simple Abundance book, Sarah Ban Breathnach says that “simplicity gains importance in our lives as we begin to make peace with ourselves.” It seems that when we get very clear with who we are and what is truly important to us in life, simplicity just makes sense. I am reminded of this each time I take a walk in the woods. Or spend a morning tending to the seedlings which will soon become food. Or take the dogs for…

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the sun never says

March 5, 2016

It is a gray Saturday and if one has no errands to run, it is that perfect kind of day…lazy, cozy. I am thankful for the available lighting, even if artificial. The little lamp on my desk is just right for reading and writing. I spend too much time at this desk, but it is my space. The porch light is a beacon for the early morning and late evening walks with the dogs. Without it, I would struggle against…

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sacred spaces

February 28, 2016

Although the trees still look bleak, it was a gorgeous day to take a walk through the woods. It’s not yet spring, but Mother Nature is giving us a tease, as the temperature was 70F today and the sun was shining down. The wind has been howling and I can hear it now, as the windows are wide open in the studio. I’ve been rereading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach since the beginning of the year. Such a great book…

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