tao te ching 29

October 12, 2017

The world is sacred. It can’t be improved. If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it. If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.    …

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signs of autumn

October 7, 2017

While I am a summer type of girl (love the heat!), I do enjoy seeing fall come on. The messiness of the garden, those gorgeous color changes, and odd wildlife behaviors enthrall me. It’s a season that is bursting with life and activity. After returning from our recent vacation and getting back into the rhythm of life, I took a few moments today to capture some of the beauty happening outside. It is unseasonably warm right now, but fall is upon…

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sea turtles

October 4, 2017

We loved our visit to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island during our vacation in Georgia last week. This facility houses an active sea turtle hospital, along with an educational center. According to their website: The Georgia Sea Turtle Center was created and is operated by the Jekyll Island Authority as a primary conservation program dedicated to increasing awareness through sea turtle education, rehabilitation, and research programs. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center empowers individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally…

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foliage in coastal georgia

October 1, 2017

We just got back from a trip to St. Simons Island, GA. Of course, I took a ton of photos and will try to get the best ones posted. For now, here are some of the ones I took of the local foliage during a walk in the neighborhood where we stayed. I don’t know the names of these plants, so if any of you do, please do post in the comments!    …

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be yourself

January 23, 2017

I am reading a book that was a Christmas gift, called “The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember” by Fred Rogers. Yes, the Mister Rogers that many of us grew up with. This book was published in 2003, which is also the year that he passed away. There is a whole section titled The Courage to be Yourself. One of the paragraphs goes like this: “The values we care about the deepest, and the movements within society…

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August 15, 2016

Today in Simple Abundance, Sarah tells us that sometimes ignorance is bliss. She says that it can be a protective blessing. If we knew our work would fail, would we still make the attempt? Yet, she points out that failure is vital to the creative process. When I first planted my corn seeds and then lovingly nurtured the seedlings all those weeks, dreaming of the delicious homegrown corn that would soon end up on our plates, little did I know that it…

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a frog’s schedule

August 3, 2016

I found this little guy while I was watering the garden. He was no more than one inch long, a tiny thing. He stood stock-still and I snapped a few pictures of him. Then I went on about my business. When I came back through to refill my water pitcher, he was gone. Going on about his frog business, which likely means the business of getting food, I surmised. Sarah Ban Breathnach writes about “catching days” in today’s Simple Abundance…

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a perfect web

May 31, 2016

Is there anything more perfect in nature than a spider’s web? It simply amazes me. How can a tiny being create something so perfect ?! Without plans, without blueprints. It boggles the mind. I go out of my way to save spiders when I find them inside the house or office, although they do sometimes creep me out. They are beneficial. Besides, anything that can make something so magnificent…well, I feel she must be a fellow creative soul. I Cannot…

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friendly garden snakes

May 11, 2016

When we first moved to this property, we very quickly noticed that there were snakes a plenty…in the pond, in the garden, on the driveway. Luckily, they have been on the small side and it’s not too often that I encounter one. In addition to the real live ones, we found rubber toy ones too, just lying around near the house. My husband thought it a good idea to set them on my potting bench to help me get used…

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