a perfect web

May 31, 2016

Is there anything more perfect in nature than a spider’s web? It simply amazes me. How can a tiny being create something so perfect ?! Without plans, without blueprints. It boggles the mind. I go out of my way to save spiders when I find them inside the house or office, although they do sometimes creep me out. They are beneficial. Besides, anything that can make something so magnificent…well, I feel she must be a fellow creative soul. I Cannot…

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a little garden friend

March 31, 2016

I found this little guy while preparing one of the garden beds for sowing. He was under a pile of wooden stakes that were laying flat across the soil. When I picked up the stakes, there he was. I think the sudden sunlight surprised him. Maybe he had hibernated there all winter, as he was burrowed into the soil. I felt bad for disturbing him but didn’t want to put the stakes back on top of him for fear that I…

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a valiant fight

March 21, 2016

I came across these feathers yesterday during my afternoon walk through the woods with the dogs. What might have defeated this beautiful bird…a hawk or an owl, perhaps. Odd thing to me, one bird hunting the other. A Trace of Blue, from  PacificMelody’s Blog: Sunlight strikes The Blue Jay’s wings Flashing shards of Brilliant blue Shamelessly flaunting His sheer perfection He lights on a branch Of a nearby tree Sings a few notes Then disappears Leaving in his Departing wake…

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March 18, 2016

The last verse from a really great poem called “This is me” by David Neuman: You are beautiful because you are rare, Because no one else can compare. Your face, Your nose, Your eyes, With your sense of humor to comprise, Someone no one else can match. Try to make it in a lab… Try throw it down the hatch. You compare yourself to everyone else, When you are one of a kind. Why can’t you get that in your…

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the first flowers

March 14, 2016

Daffodils are the first flowers to show their pretty faces in our “garden” – in fact, one of the very few flowers we see here, with the bunnies and deer so rampant. They are wild and crop up here and there throughout the woods. It is so nice to see them, and today it was sad to see their little faces drooping due to all the rain we’ve received, although they need the rain just as we do… Let the…

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the way to grieve

March 11, 2016

The Butterfly Upon The Sky – Poem by Emily Dickinson The Butterfly upon the Sky, That doesn’t know its Name And hasn’t any tax to pay And hasn’t any Home Is just as high as you and I, And higher, I believe, So soar away and never sigh And that’s the way to grieve — We lost our little cat, Minerva, yesterday. She lived a brave life, overcoming several health issues over the years. It’s so hard to say goodbye.…

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the sun never says

March 5, 2016

It is a gray Saturday and if one has no errands to run, it is that perfect kind of day…lazy, cozy. I am thankful for the available lighting, even if artificial. The little lamp on my desk is just right for reading and writing. I spend too much time at this desk, but it is my space. The porch light is a beacon for the early morning and late evening walks with the dogs. Without it, I would struggle against…

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