walnuts, part 1

October 28, 2017

I am harvesting walnuts for the very first time and am reminded of a great quote: “All you can do is admit to yourself that yes, this is an adventure, and to accept it as such, surprises and all.” -Hugh MacLeod (Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity)   We are privy to several black walnut trees and for the past few years, I have intended to learn how to process the nuts that fall to the ground in…

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like water

October 22, 2017

Some more goodness from the Tao te Ching, excerpt from chapter 8 (Stephen Mitchell translation): The supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to. It is content with the low places that people disdain. Thus it is like the Tao. In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely…

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October 15, 2017

Hello dear readers! It is a gray, fall day here. In an attempt to capture some of the gloom, I spent the morning taking some photos and got a few nice ones. I do hope that you enjoy them. I am thinking this might be the kind of fall where the leaves barely get a chance to change to their magnificent colors. It was so warm late into the season that they will just die and fall off when the…

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tao te ching 29

October 12, 2017

The world is sacred. It can’t be improved. If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it. If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.    …

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a gardener on vacation

October 9, 2017

I’ve not posted a video to this blog before, but I’d like to share with you a photo montage from our recent vacation to St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. We had such a nice time 🙂 I hope that you enjoy seeing some pictures from our trip. This was one of our favorite travels. My best memories from our time spent: getting to take our dog, Trixie, almost everywhere we went – dog-friendly! seeing the sunrise over the ocean…

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signs of autumn

October 7, 2017

While I am a summer type of girl (love the heat!), I do enjoy seeing fall come on. The messiness of the garden, those gorgeous color changes, and odd wildlife behaviors enthrall me. It’s a season that is bursting with life and activity. After returning from our recent vacation and getting back into the rhythm of life, I took a few moments today to capture some of the beauty happening outside. It is unseasonably warm right now, but fall is upon…

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sea turtles

October 4, 2017

We loved our visit to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island during our vacation in Georgia last week. This facility houses an active sea turtle hospital, along with an educational center. According to their website: The Georgia Sea Turtle Center was created and is operated by the Jekyll Island Authority as a primary conservation program dedicated to increasing awareness through sea turtle education, rehabilitation, and research programs. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center empowers individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally…

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fort frederica, georgia

October 3, 2017

One of the neatest things we did during our St. Simons Island vacation last week was to visit Fort Frederica. This was a fort established by the British in the 1700s. The site is now operated by the National Park Service, who has this to say: Georgia’s fate was decided in 1742 when Spanish and British forces clashed on St. Simons Island. Fort Frederica’s troops defeated the Spanish, ensuring Georgia’s future as a British colony. Today, the archeological remnants of Frederica…

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foliage in coastal georgia

October 1, 2017

We just got back from a trip to St. Simons Island, GA. Of course, I took a ton of photos and will try to get the best ones posted. For now, here are some of the ones I took of the local foliage during a walk in the neighborhood where we stayed. I don’t know the names of these plants, so if any of you do, please do post in the comments!    …

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April 24, 2017

Getting back to reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. In her entry for today, she talks of tastes, specifically culinary tastes. She advises us to  seek out unusual, perhaps ethnic, grocery stores and to clean out our spice cabinets. I can admit that I tend to let spice jars hang out forever on my spice racks. While they do last quite a while, they do also have a shelf life at some point. I recently did a very quick,…

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