Today’s message in the Simple Abundance book is about self-nurturing. Sarah Ban Breathnach asks us to consider simple acts of taking good care of ourselves. She asks “How much sleep are you getting? Are you walking often or getting enough exercise? Have you given meditation a fair chance?”

I’ve recently begun spending one minute outside first thing each morning, listening to the birds as they start their day. This was so difficult at first – one whole minute during the rush time when I should be getting ready, making breakfast for everyone, packing lunch, etc. I’m coming to find the value in taking this minute. It reminds me that I am sharing this planet with creatures other than the ones inside my home, and it has become my own special thing, a little piece of the world that I alone am participating in at that moment in space and time. It almost feels magical, and we all need a little magic now and then.

Do you take the time to sit quietly, listening and observing? The inactivity can be difficult to adjust to at first, but if we allow ourselves just a short time of stillness, surrounded by peace and beauty, we may feel renewed. Treat yourself with extraordinary care!

I hope you have a magical morning.


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