a perfect web

Is there anything more perfect in nature than a spider’s web? It simply amazes me. How can a tiny being create something so perfect ?! Without plans, without blueprints. It boggles the mind.

I go out of my way to save spiders when I find them inside the house or office, although they do sometimes creep me out. They are beneficial. Besides, anything that can make something so magnificent…well, I feel she must be a fellow creative soul.

It sits,
As it spins
In the veil of night
It thrives,
As it survives
On the liquefied viscera
Of its prey.

Its many eyes
As its many joints
Its many arms and legs
Bend and move
As it crawls
And climbs

It speaks,
Inaudible words
Slide past its teeth
And the venom drips
As it breathes
With piecing fangs.

I dare not say its name.


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