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April 6, 2016

If you love books about gardening, you might like “The Garden Room: Bringing Nature Indoors” by Timothy Mawson. I recently ordered a secondhand copy and it arrived this week. Published in 1994, it is truly eye candy for us gardeners.


The idea behind the book is that we can combine the natural beauty from the outdoors with our living spaces, or make living spaces right in the outdoors. Mr. Mawson has selected several noteworthy gardeners and provided some background on each of them, along with gorgeous photographs of their garden spaces and homes.


The book is divided into four sections: Country Garden Rooms, Pastimes and Pleasures, Garden Room Fantasies, and Time and Privacy.


There is a bit of back story for each gardener, along with descriptions of their gardens.

I really love the entry which features Pamela W. Logan. She bought a house near Ogunquit, Maine, the day after she saw it advertised. Part of the house is an old tavern and the history is quite interesting. It had had only one owner, a woman with a story of heartbreak and fortitude. She was a North Carolina woman on vacation who fell in love with a local. The enamored couple began building the house in 1932. Just as the house was nearing completion, a tragedy ended their love affair. The woman lived there alone until she was 93 years old. The author reports that there is a sense of an extraordinary presence which still pervades the house. Pamela has converted a passageway into a small library.


Just delicious! This makes me want to uproot and buy an 18th century farmhouse, if only to have some mysterious history to go along with my garden.

Hope you are having a very beautiful week!


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