personal sabbath

In today’s entry from the book Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach speaks to us of creating a Personal Sabbath. She describes this as a time for “reverence, rest, renewal, rejuvenation, reassuring, rituals, recreation, rejoicing, revelation, remembering how much you have to be grateful for, and saying Thank You!”

Just four little days ago, it was warm and spring was showing her sunny side. Today, snow is falling gently, the kind of snow made of gigantic flakes slowly descending from the sky. The woods are quiet, as the birds hunker down to keep warm. Not a sign of wildlife at all. Will they be ok, should I fill the feeders?

Sarah goes on to say that our Personal Sabbath might mean different things to each of us…and that what matters is that we do something special that speaks to our souls. Tending to my furred and feathered friends, I will fill the feeders.



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