vibrant morsels

Today in Simple Abundance, Sarah reminds us to look at the blue sky, hear the grass growing beneath our feet and inhale the scent of spring. She quotes naturalist Diane Ackerman, who says “The senses don’t just make sense of life in bold or subtle acts of clarity, they tear reality apart into vibrant morsels and reassemble them into a meaningful pattern.”

I love the phrase “vibrant morsels.” Don’t you think these plants might be considered vibrant morsels, assembled to the eye and mind in a meaningful pattern? They show up each spring in the shady area, with little light to help them grow. And no matter, they stand out as a very bright sign that spring is here and all is happening just as it should.


4 thoughts on “vibrant morsels

  1. When I saw the title and picture, I was wondering if you were going to describe eating the May Apples. I found a recipe for May Apple jelly once, but never made it. I wonder what they taste like. Love your picture and description as vibrant morsels for our senses. That is what all of spring is to me….my favorite season.


    • LOL! Spring is quickly becoming my fave as well. I was an ‘autumn’ girl for many years. Now, spring and summer are tied for first. I’ve not heard of May Apple Jelly, but it does sound like a vibrant morsel. I made a pie once from Concord grapes, and it was so delicious! My friend’s mother had a small grape vineyard and I was really into cooking at that time. My friend made a deal with me – she would supply all the grapes and I would make the pie and we would split it. One of the very few pies that has ever turned out really well for me. Pie making is such an art. If you ever end up making May Apple Jelly, let us know how it turns out!

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