secret anniversaries

Today in Simple Abundance, Sarah writes about those special memories that mean something to us personally, which we honor in private, such as a first kiss or the last moment we spent with someone dear who has since passed on. Colors, scents or seasons of the year may trigger a remembrance of those occasions.

This year my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. While that was not a private celebration, this sun sculpture always brings to my mind the special bond that we share. We picked this up during a weekend trip to one of our favorite places, Brown County, Indiana. There is a fantastic artist community there and we love the vibe.

To me this sun looks as if it has withstood some harsh times and may be a bit weathered, but it is still standing and shining. Isn’t that much like most relationships…if we can weather through those tough times, we are stronger for it. If we take the time to look back, we see how far we have come. That is truly worth celebrating.



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