a frog’s schedule

I found this little guy while I was watering the garden. He was no more than one inch long, a tiny thing. He stood stock-still and I snapped a few pictures of him. Then I went on about my business. When I came back through to refill my water pitcher, he was gone. Going on about his frog business, which likely means the business of getting food, I surmised.

Sarah Ban Breathnach writes about “catching days” in today’s Simple Abundance entry. She offers a suggestion for creating a list which captures all the things we want and need to do. She proposes that we bucket the facets of our life, such as work, errands, correspondence, family and the like, to help us realize exactly what we need to do each week and points out that once these things are committed to a list, it is essentially a done deal. We no longer have to actively think about it, because our logical left brain loves lists and will go on autopilot to get it done for us. I have to admit, I am a consummate list maker and I was truly excited to see the example in her book. My mind simply raced, thinking of how I could improve my own technique by incorporating her ideas into my system.

As I was watching the little frog today, I wondered how his brain went about the business of “getting it done.” Autopilot, no doubt. And without a list of any sort.


4 thoughts on “a frog’s schedule

    • Ah, thanks for the clarification. I knew they were two distinct and different animals but never knew how to tell which is which. Thinking about it, I’m kind of surprised my little brainiac nephew hasn’t pointed it out sooner when he’s here and we are checking out the fish and “frogs” and such, lol


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