Today in Simple Abundance, Sarah tells us that sometimes ignorance is bliss. She says that it can be a protective blessing. If we knew our work would fail, would we still make the attempt? Yet, she points out that failure is vital to the creative process.

When I first planted my corn seeds and then lovingly nurtured the seedlings all those weeks, dreaming of the delicious homegrown corn that would soon end up on our plates, little did I know that it would all be for naught. Just as the cobs were ripening and filling out, in a span of two days, the harvest was wiped out by marauding squirrels. I came home to find decimated corn cobs littering the walkway from the house.

Disappointing to say the very least. I had thought the corn would be safe growing in containers on the porch. Luckily, we are not dependent on this crop for sustenance or finances. Still, this is not what any gardener hopes for.

The best way to handle this, I tell myself, is to use it as a lesson. This way did not work. It turns out the handrail of the porch provided very easy access for the little buggers. They could sit right on the railing and grab the corn cobs at the perfect height. Kinda hard to resist, huh?

I still enjoy having the squirrels around, along with all the other wildlife. However, I am wiser now and will outsmart them next time.

Hope you are having a beautiful August.






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