fall gardens

Fall has arrived. The temps are in the sixties, it is gray and rainy, and the leaves are coming down. The walnut tree in our front yard always seems to be among the first to start dropping them. That is the sure sign.

This is not always the most fun time of year to be a gardener. There is the cleaning up and the putting away. This year, I am doing some new things to keep the garden going for as long as I can. I have a second round of leafy greens in the works: swiss chard, spinach, lettuces. I am trying broccoli and cabbage for the second time this year, after an unsuccessful first try. And, I am planting garlic for harvest next year. Plus, there are the sweet potatoes still in the ground, for Thanksgiving.

We are planning to install a few apple and almond trees next month, as the beginnings of a small woodland orchard. So, there are ways to stretch out the growing season. Just wait until we build a cold frame or two. Then, we will be eating fresh harvest pickings all through the winter, or so the plan goes, haha!

Are you guys growing anything this fall? And do you have any advice for planting fruit trees?


6 thoughts on “fall gardens

  1. I would love to figure out how to keep bell peppers growing all winter. I love them, but refuse to pay $1 each at the grocery store. Some day I’ll figure it out. Sorry. I have no experience with fruit trees, so can’t help you there.

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