seeing clearly

A foggy start to the new year. It’s late morning and the fog has not lifted. Good thing I don’t really believe in omens. It does make for some cool photos, though.


Are you looking forward to the coming year? As a big fan of fresh starts and goal setting, I love spending time on new years day planning the great things I will do. Or at least hope to do.


I have the usual suspects on my list…exercise more, make healthier food choices. Of course, I want to expand the garden, both the veggies and the landscaped areas. In addition, this year I’d also like to get back to quilt making and cartooning more frequently. It’s easy to let the things I love doing get lost in the daily shuffle. Just gotta make the time, no excuses. Who needs sleep anyway, right? Just kidding, I love my sleep and won’t give that up.

Are you making any resolutions for 2017? If you care to share, please do comment. Happy New Year!



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