The sight of those red sprouts poking through the dirt is one of the best for me in all of gardening. Peonies are my favorite flowers and I live to see their blooms come May.


I’ve been lucky enough to have some planted at most places I’ve lived since I became a gardener.


I love them so much that I once almost turned down a free trip to Florida because the timing of it might have meant missing the peonies in bloom and I couldn’t bear the thought of waiting another whole year to see them.


Are there any flowers that you guys are this nuts over?


3 thoughts on “peonies

  1. Peonies remind me of my youth. Mom has always had bushes in her yard (pink and white) and people used to stop to ask if they could cut some blooms to wear for Mother’s Day. She would always let them. I really don’t have a favorite flower. I love them all, especially wild flowers in their native habitats.

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