The dictionary defines harvest as “crops that are gathered.” While that is true, it is much more than that to me. When I prepared the soil weeks ago and sowed the seeds, these healing, nourishing vegetables are what I envisioned. Feeling connected to the food that I eat is very satisfying. Providing loving care to the earth, means providing loving care to myself and my family.

It was my goal in recent years to eventually get to the point where we grow all the food we eat. Realizing this might be a bit lofty, especially considering that I go through bananas like crazy and we are in Ohio, not to mention almonds which also might be difficult to grow here, I’ve reconsidered and come to the conclusion that I will do the best that I can with what is available to me.

Looking forward to the rest of the veggies making an appearance over the summer. What foods do you guys grow and where?


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