seasonal changes

Fall is progressing nicely here in Loveland, OH. We have had some unusually warm days, well into October. That is likely why there are still some peppers holding on.


The average first frost date here is sometime in October, tending towards the latter part of the month.

The garlic has been planted and covered with straw.


I am hopeful for a good crop come next summer. I do have some lingering concerns about having planted it in containers, which sit on the deck. Should I move the containers to sit directly on the ground to reduce the risk of freezing soil? Hmm. Maybe I will do an experiment and move one container to the ground and leave the other on the deck and see how each fares. Have you guys had any luck with overwintering garlic in containers?

It is nice to see fall flowers, such as the butterfly bush in the top photo. So pretty! I’ve decided against mums this year, simply because they look so beautiful when they first come home with me, then when the initial flowers die off, there never seems to be a second wave, even though I spend the time to deadhead. So, by the time we get any visitors out to our place, the mums are looking pretty sad. That said, fall decorations this year will consist of pumpkins and straw bales and scarecrows.

I am starting to read “The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener” by Niki Jabbour (Twitter @nikijabbour) with the intention to keep extending the growing season. If she can do it in Nova Scotia, well, that’s good enough for me.

Hope you are having a great autumn, or spring as the case may be!



6 thoughts on “seasonal changes

  1. I have not tried to raise garlic in containers, so am no help to you. We are enjoying cooler weather here in TN too. It’s almost too cool, considering it seemed to go from 90 to 70 for highs overnight.


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